Are triangles problems of topology

Hello guys,

I’m currently following a tutorial on cgcookie about modeling a motorcycle and I’m really curious about the technique he used.
He is modelling the shape of the motorcycle, and apply the subsurf. After that, he use the shrinkwrap modifier to cut specific pieces like lights,… and doesn’t seem to really care about creating triangles.

Even if the topology looks bad, the result is really good. Can it engenders some problems when shading?

Here is an example of what I’m speaking about :

this is for mechanical model so should not be a problem

but cannot be done if model has any deformations

on flat surfaces you could even have Ngons

happy bl

As Ricky said, if you’re not planning on bending or deforming the area it’s fine if it looks good.
One thing I’ve found watching a few tutorials is that they’ll do something like cut out the shapes in one lesson, then come back and fix it a lesson or two later.

Thanks for you help buds !