Are you afraid of bats?

A few weeks ago I was watching some bats flying, and I realized that despite all the superstitions revolving around bats, I had no fear of them. At all. I just sat and watched them with wonder.

And I began to think: in today’s modern society, is the fear of bats dying out? So, though it’s extremely off-topic: are you afraid of bats?

I’m not afraid of them in the sense that I think they’re going to get me, but in the sense that they communicate diseases. For the same reason I hate being around mosquitos and avoid it whenever possible. I like to watch bats… from a distance.

i think bats are cute, so im not afraid of them, they are like flying mice and mice are cute (except for when they eat parts of your food and chew through cables). I also dont mind snakes all that much, but SPIDERS, oh man am i scared of those things :o .

yeah…give me a flying mouse any day,

spiders however…uuuhhh…sends
a chill trough my bones…

I agree with shbaz on bats. They don’t scare me, but I don’t want to touch their guano (poo) or have them fly into my face. I love snakes (have one as a pet), insects, spiders, etc. I’m afraid of: large dogs, medium dogs, dogs that seem angry even if their just playing, and moths. Honest to God, moths. You should see me freak when they go by. Why? I don’t want them to fly into my mouth, which is open as I run away.

to be honest, the way he looks at the camera, is really cute…cartoony like =]

holy crap… a ghost…

not afraid of bats. im not really afraid of spiders, but i dont like them either…

I am proud to say I’m afraid of them, well more creeped out by them.

I think it has to do with how they appear suddenly in my room every other day. Literally.

Two days ago I had 4 flying around at one time in there- I’m not kidding about this, I have some badly lit video to prove it. It’s rather creepy to open your door and see these things flying around or if your just sitting there and it flys out of nowhere.

The other creepy thing is the noise they make. A high pitched cackle almost.

Oh, and when they get mad at you after you hurt them and the crawl toward you on the ground screaming at you. Very creepy, kinda reminds you of something from the Excorsist.

I’m not afraid of spiders or bats.

I’ve always wanted to hold one of those giant fruit eating ones. You know, with the four foot wingspan.

I love holding all the “weird” animals. Like at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC, I got to hold one of those giant millipedes. Ah, good times. :slight_smile:


I fear cock roaches, I fear they will end up in my food or craw down my throat. I’m just glad I have my cat with me will jump on anything that moves. Fact, people swollow 3 spiders a year while sleeping.

Oh yea and black willows too. Lot’s too, alot of them where I live, never seen any rats in my life.

Spiders are little demons. Just look at the picture. That’s about as freaky looking a creature on this planet. Also, those really deep sea creatures freak the crap out of me. Especially those gigantic ones.

driving up the california coast last year sometime, i found this little guy stuck the grill of my van! he was all crispy and dried out like a taco shell. poor guy. heh but yeah, i’m not afraid of bats, as long as they’re stuck on the grill and not me!

Not a fact. Just an urban legend.

I am not scared of bats, but this one time i got out of the shower and came upstairs (BTW it was night time) and somebody forgot to close a window and when i turned on a light this big black thing came flying at me!!! :o (of course it was a bat), i did get scared that time but who wouldn’t, i mean its dark, your upstairs on your own!!! and a big thing flys at you. AHHHHH!!! :o

but there is lots of trees beside my house and there are loads of bats at night time and i would glady sit and watch them, just so long they dont fly at me when i’m wrapped up in a towel :wink:

Bats are good best controls when it comes to mosquitos, flies, moths. unless who like to be bitten by mosquitos I suggest you build a bat house or at least a bird house.

Ha ha! These are exactly the results I expected. Yes, bats carry diseases and should not be handled, but only those of the vampire variety are harmful in and of themselves.

I recently found a bat dying. It was lying on a rock, and it shrilled at me a few times before collapsing in a heap. I wasn’t scared, but I was saddened by it. It looked very pitiful.