Are you good enough??

The new Spanish Portal about Blender will be opened next week at:
By the moment if you go to this url you get the old site (flash).

If you have a really very good image (of those to say WOW!), you can enter on the “Masters of Blender” gallery.
Only the image quality is important (artistic only, not are good for this). So don’t get sad if your image is not included (I’m sure your image is good but not for that gallery on my opinion).

I’m searching to find those BlenderHeads, if you think you are one, or you know someone, send me an e-mail: [email protected]
Also, if you have an image that was winner (first place) on some contest, e-mail me too, because you can enter on the “firs place” gallery.

You must send me:
Your image(s) (you can send me images or I can look in your website. Your website address (if you have one)
Your name or handle
Your contact e-mail
A desciption about the image.

Thanks to everybody!

So your winning F1 image will be in the gallery, yes? :slight_smile:

I think a couple of the other F1 entries would be worthy of consideration.

Yes! :slight_smile:
Many contestants of the F1 challenge can be in the “Masters of Blender” gallery (more than 2) because her skills are very high.

May be you can give me a list of e-mail o you can tell them if you want. :wink:

waht about these blendertools, is there gonna be a english translation for the manual?

If you download BlenderTools you can see a txt in the zip whit a brief instructions (English & Spanish). And the proggie it self are all in English.
If you have problemes with him, make your questions in the English forum of my websitesite.
It’s very easy to be used.

whew, that’s a very nice page, and would be the perfect spanish portal for if i spoke spanish… :wink: :slight_smile: