hii…ok this art work took really long time to complete… i wanted it to be little realistic and little fantasy… also challenging part was to make ariel half wet and half dry. especially hair… :eek::eek: rendered in cycles…

-thank you



Very cute. I like it.
Her eyes look a little bit flat ( 2D ) though.

One of better this picture is done with cycle, she is cute, 5 stars from me :evilgrin:

Amazing pretty render, great work :slight_smile:

Brilliant work once again! :smiley:

did you play with colors saturation for the wet and dry effect on the hair ? with more specularity for the wet parts ?

Im a big fan of your works … and this is another great addition to them, awesome piece again :slight_smile:

no there is full clump on hair so that it becomes pointy at the end giving feel of wet hair… and also specular is very high.

Lovely image and great character. If Disney studios would remake “Little Mermaid” in 3D I am sure that they would be very happy if it looked this good. Keep it up!

I am not an experienced person here but the hair dont looks wet to me… They got a little bit more shine but not very wet look…Making them reflective also may make them to appear wet… Also I think the wet hair should also make some part of the face wet too while they interact with the face… that would also be nice… But thats just my opinion… Very good render otherwise though…I especially like the expression.Good Work

thank you :slight_smile: as i said i wanted to make her half wet and half dry… her hair only little wet(mostly dry) from top… and wet near water and in water…

verrrry sweeeet … keep it up duks … :slight_smile: lv it

how refreshing!!! :slight_smile: very good job with the colors! :wink:

Really cute!

Very nice! Especially the hair. love it!

I like the overall idea of the image especially the hair, its sometimes too easy to just skimp on the hair. You on the other hand went all out to capture that wet look that works soo well.

I am however going to say that the image has some flaws, I want to be very careful not to upset you here so stop reading if you don’t want a Critique.

The reason that I want to do this is that I also tried to create a Disney style inspired character and at first created a face that was very odd looking but could not see how odd it was until I stepped away from the project for a while.

Its really interesting that the face you created suffers from the same odd look that mine did. The character lacks a snout “for lack of a better word” the mouth and nose are too far back giving the face a flat baby look. Humans don’t have a very pronounced snout compared to other animals but we do have one.

The lips are a bit too OTT “over the top”. Its a weird thing, I too used to think female lips = big lips but in reality smaller lips are more feminine. Its the very subtle shape that gives lips a female appearance rather than their size. Just look at how small and petite the lips are on the characters from frozen. LINK

The eyes are one of the biggest things on a Disney character in more ways than one so you need to get them right. On your render the eyes are one of the weakest elements. They lack the whites that make the eyes pop and they lack the glossy shine that creates that O-so important highlight.

I have included an image and Blend for the eyes I used on my character so that you can see the subtle details you need to capture.

Finally the color/composition of your shot is a little bland. You need to think about the color wheel, red, green and blue are the three main colors of your shot . RGB work so well together for obvious reasons. You need to push each of thous colors so that they appose each other and create contrast and interest in your shot.

I have done a rough Photoslop paint-over to illustrate what I am talking about:

Anyways, I hope you recognize from the amount of time I have put into this post that I am only trying to help. I only wish that others would spend as much time Critiquing.


Cartoon_Eye_Pack.blend (381 KB)

Hey max … I think she made it in her own way and I cant see any problem there in face infact her ariel looks more cute then disney … there may b some problems in face as u have explained but afterall we all stick with what looks good and face looks preety good …

And about eyes you were right white part should have to be pop up its not there I agree and about colors I think its perfact …

After all it looks good … and man u have mentioned some very well points there … what u have said was true indeed…

Yet another awesome artwork! way to go Nita! looks beautiful. the face looks slightly unnatural, but I suspect its just because of the camera angle… Really awesome work! keep it up. :smiley:

I love your Artwork!!! Its great!!!

thanx for the critics MCHammond … but i wanted her to look like the way she looks in “little mermaid” series. so i put all my effort to make her look like that… you are right about eyes though… there should be more depth ,i agree… thanx anyway for the blend file… :slight_smile: