Arm Wrestling !!!

Hey guys , this is an arm wrestling contest between my new robot and a old one . So ,who should be winner btw ? Hope you like it :slight_smile: !

I think the red one should win, the thing on him back is pretty cool, what’s that, a rocket?
U used hdri, yep?
Awesome job

Thanks , Yes I used Hdri , & the thing on his back it’s a system which makes him alive .

It’s something like a nuclear reactor or something like that?
You should make an animation with these super-guys.

Quite a good work. I do think the lighting could have been a little less harsh, unless you were going for the bar lighting thing.
I think the blue one should win, and I don’t know why. :slight_smile:

@blend2cap : Yeah of course it’s a kind of energy . Yes an animation will be awesome , if I work on this project seriously .

@Benjamin Dod : Thanks :slight_smile: ! I’m agree , I should decrease a bit the ligth .