Well… I’m here again to show “The Armadillo”
It’s my new model made in Blender (off course)
Enjoy it.

Render: (internal)

In program:

The textures are projected… i’m working on the definitively

Hope you likes it… Thanks for watching,

press set smooth on the backround its really bugging me

Hmmm… you are right!!! I forget it. Thanks for the advise

Here you are


how did you do all the little hills near the front and back ?

is this only mapping or real 3D extruded ?

looking nice good proprotions anyway

can you show other view point too

happy blendering

Did you mean the shoulder and lower armor???

or the texture???

to understand better the model… here’s a screenshot.

The texture is a projection… that’s because looks so natural. I’m working on the textures.


it looks like the texture !

is it only texture like bump map or normal map
or real 3D modelisation?

when are you going to add some colors ?


Great modeling! Looking forward to updates :slight_smile: