Armature>Animation in game question

So I have like this armature thats controlling a character and its just for its idle stance or “breathing while standing doing nothing anim” lol how do I make this armature animation effect the in game character? when I start the game the character appears in the armature rigs rest position, or the position it was originally modeled in. also if I want to go into more detail, how do I get it to switch to a run forward and move the object forward motion when I hit the up arrow key, or side to make the character turn? I really don’t want slippy controls with that so if possible is there a way I can keep the character from like flying off the ground and very little delay in stopping when I let go of the arrow keys? please if you answer answer the first part first, thats more important to me to get done.

Two words mate. Logic Bricks.

You need to use the Action actuator and set the action’s priorities so that they override each other at the appropriate times.

To make your character stop instantly, make sure your ground material is set to 100% friction.

@The red hand: yes I know, what logic bricks do I use to make the armature effect the mesh in game…?

Edit: well I got the armature to work through just making it the parent of the cube as opposed to adding it through the modifiers panel, but it still dosnt loop play the armature animation in game

I’ve never gotten the priority thing in the action actuator. How does that work?

I’ve never gotten the priority thing in the action actuator. How does that work?
lower numbers will override higher numbers…look on the bottom right of the action actuator.

Therefore, you can make your “idle” animation priority one, while your “walking” animation can be priority 0. Therefore you can play your walking animation right over your idle animation without having to manually stop the idle animation.

Okie dokie. Thats good, I cant get my animations to play in game though. I can pose the charachter in whatever stance I want but he stands rigid. what logic brick do I need to put on what object to tell it to play this animation all the time

use the armature, and action start stop etc.

is it more or , … for some reason , the priorities don’t work in the last blender <i tried them before in the old editions >
does that happen to any of you ?
thanks .