armature animation

do i need a lpo curve thing for every bone?
see attached. yes it is crude but it is only a proof of concept till i find out if i can animate it.


robot.blend (243 KB)

well my friend…no pun on you but I truly recommend to read the wiki tutorial: MY first animation in 30 minutes

read it here

This is a great tutorial, easy to understand and it will make you want more…I promise.
No offense you have not gotten many replies because your question sounds pretty much like this: Do I need a chicken to make chicken Salad?

Once you create your armature every bone automatically generates its own set of IPO curves ( SCALE,ROT,LOC in all axes), so when you pose the bones keys are inserted in its respective IPO curve…in a more advance level you can edit these IPO curves by using different handlers, type etc…however please read the tutorial above…be patience and you will see the results almost immediately…that was my first tutorial too…

see ya

Thanks Blenderguy 2008.
so i move all the bones then hit “I” once for each stance.
BTW blender has changed a lot since those days - now you get options like body heat! what ever that is!

The old school way of weight painting is to do everything manually… takes some time. Togive it a bit of a boos, Blender has an automagic way of weight painting… I don’t really think it’s that accurate, but it does speed up things a bit. Before binding a to a mesh, if you use envelope style bones, you will see that selected bones have a white halo around them. This is their area of influence in terms of the automagic part. Using ALT-S you can scale this halo so it is a good match for the mesh around it. Then, when you bind the rig to the mesh, it’s already a fairly good paint.

Thanks Lancer.
that is the reason i made the figure a robot.
forearms, feet etc are actually totally separate so blender cannot (i hope) get confused!