Armature Append?

Hello all.

I’m trying to take my nearly completed model and put an armature in. I thought I’d give BlenRig a shot, but I’m hitting a snag. When I go to append or link the armature… Nothing happens. Same with ManCandy. (I’m v2.45.1) Anyone know what’s up?

BTW, this happens on a brand new scene, too. Nothin’ shows up. (And I’m also looking in the Outliner to see if it’s getting loaded, but put somewhere I don’t know. Nothin’.

I could build my own rig… But I was really hoping to use a predesigned rig. :frowning:


Nothing happens? Try turning on all layers (~ key). It might be on a layer thats hidden. Also, make sure you pick the armature from the object folder, when you append.

Object, huh? Well, it appended. (It’s in my outliner now). Thanks! I can probably figure it out from there, and come back here if I can’t. :slight_smile:

When you select the file you’re appending from you get a list of Libraries; Object, Mesh, Armature, Lamp etc… Only if you append the Armature Object (from the Object lib) will there be an Object to display. If you append from the Armature lib only the DataBlock (that contains a list of bones and their spatial relationships) will be imported and you’ll need to add a new Armature Object and link the appended datablock to it (from the “AR” dropdown.