Armature axes orientation question

Is it possible to rotate, move only da armature axes, without moving the armature mesh?
I want to reposition only the axes(orientation) of the armature, but I dont want to move the mesh.

Clear the parent, then re-parent it.

Do you mean rotate the armature’s axis without changing the world position of the bones?

I’ve not tried this, but here are some thoughts:

This could be done by hand…

1: Rotate the armature in object mode to rotate it’s axes.
2: Rotate the bones in edit mode about the armature centre with the inverse of the rotation that you applied to the armature.

Or if you need to do this to numerous models then you could write a script applies a rotational transform to the armature and then applies the inverse of this rotational transform to the bones. This would result in a rotation of the armature’s axes then inverting this rotation on the bones so that they still have the original world orientation.

Thanks FunkyWyrm, I’ll try that.