Armature behaves strangely

Hey BlenderArtists Community,
I have a problem with my armature.
If I rotate the shoulder bone, the arm deforms strangely. In addition, the armature does not in the arm, but beside it. In the Edit mode this is not the case. When I select the bones and reset with ALT+S, ALT+G, ALT+R, nothing happens. What must I do to fix my armature?

That could be one of many things… are you using vertex groups or envelopes or both?

Are you using the armature modifier?

If you’re using vertex groups have you painted weghts? you may want to try auto generating them from bone heat…

if envelopes… you’ll need to adjust the radius of the heads/tails and maybe adjust the falloff too…
see dist and weight in the following page

I connected the armature independently with the object
and turned Envelopes off. That error concerns both arms and was originally not.
I think I have a wrong key combination used.

Is there no one who can help me? On request I send a message with a download link
to the .blend file.

Ok, but still, how is the armature controlling the mesh? The mesh can be parented to the armature, or you can have an armature modifier on the mesh, one of the two methods must be used. Using both will cause problems like the second pic shows. But there could be several other things causing the problems in pic 2.

Right now, I’m thinking it’s just an issue with the armature not properly connected to the mesh.


I parented the mesh with ‘Make Parent -> Armature -> Dont Create Vertex Groups’.
Then I pushed on the ‘Make Real’ Button to gain the armature panel.
Hm, I didn’t know that them are 2 different methods. :confused:
Here are a Screen with some panels that can be helping.

So, by doing the ‘make real’ button, you’ve just converted it to an armature modifier for the mesh… The armature modifer is set to deform the mesh based on vertex groups… Do you have any vertex groups that match bone names in the mesh? If not, you should weight paint the mesh to the armature…


Yes, I use only Vertex Groups and deactivated ‘Envelopes’ on the
Armature Panel.

Yea, you’re going to have to post a .blend so I can get in there and work. There’s only so much you can tell with pictures and words… Not the same as looking at the real file…

I hope it helps. :>

You’ve got a couple of things wrong… But the biggest part of your problem is your weight painting… Take a look at the screenshots. In the first one, everything in red is weight painted to the highlighted bone. In the second screenshot, same thing. So you have the mesh’s lower arm area weight painted to the lower arm bone and the back bone both. So when I try to pose the lower arm bone, yea the mesh acts all screwy because it’s being told to be deform 100% by 2 different bones.

On to other problems… In object mode, select the mesh and open the transform properties window (N-key) The mesh has a rot z of -99.57. I suggest using Ctrl-A to apply scale & rot data to object to clear that. Selecting the armature in object mode and looking in the transform properties panel tells me the armature is scaled .329 in all axis, and it’s rotations are all over the place. Same thing - Ctrl-A to clear that out as well. And finally the origin point of the armature is in the right knee, the origin point for the mesh is in the center of the stomach. It’s very important that the mesh & armature both share the same origin point. Easiest way to fix this is to select the mesh in object mode, Shift-S -> Snap cursor to selected. Then select the armature in object mode, go into the object menu -> Transform -> Center Cursor to move the armature’s center to the cursor.

The weight painting is the biggest issue, after I cleared the weight paint for the back bone from the area around the lower arm, the lower arm deforms properly. The other 3 issues I listed are all areas for potential problems if not corrected.

Hope this helps,

P.S. Not to sound like an idiot, but see how easier it is find problems when I get into the .blend?


Thank you so much. D:
The main problem was the false Weight Painting;
I thought it didnt matter that I paint vertex of other bones as well. <.<
And also thanks for the other warnings about false things.
Okay, see you at my next problem. ;D