Armature bug blender 2.62

Hi. I upgrated Blender 2.58 to 2.62 for my current game project but I have a problem : the actions of my armature dont run after the frame 1. I used script for activate actions and call them. What’s the problem ???

In an other forum, they say the upgrade probably break the link of the actions and i must reload them but that’s doesn’t work…

Leave us a blend file,so we can see what’s the issue.

this is a changes happen with 2.6
if you use the script to activate the actuators action
you probably have a script like this


import bge

cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
act= cont.actuators["Action"]


cont.activate(act) #<<< this line is the issue , MUST be read only ONE time,now
(in 2.59 work, in 2.6 not)

so, you can put this line in a piece of code which is read only one time as:

if not "init" in own:
    own["init"] = 1

or activate the actuators with a sensors always(without pulse) + controller AND + actuators action

PS: how make instead to stop the actuators action? (EDIT: no matter,an action empty seem which make this work EDIT2: doh … cont.deactivate(act) )

Thanks for you help. But if I must activate once time the actuator, how do I for the cyclic actions (like walk, run, etc.) ? Because when I maintain a button, the value will always reset… so that’s mean I cannot use one logic brick for many actions ???

save your 2.5x file with 2.60 first. Then load and save with 2.61. Then load with 2.62 and it should be fine.

I was done that before I post this topic. If I do MarcoIT says, that work for my “wait” action. But for the rest, I don’t know how to do.

i use a code similar to this

import bge

cont  = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own   = cont.owner
act   = cont.actuators["Action"]

if not "init" in own:
    own["init"] = 1
    act.action  = "default"

UP =[]

if act.action == "default" :
    if UP :
        act.action = "walkForward"

elif act.action == "walkForward":
    if UP:
        own.localLinearVelocity[1] = 5

        act.action = "default"

this should work as is.(if not there some syntax error)
with :
one sensors always [true]
one controller script
one actuators action named “Action”
2 action named “default” and “walkForward”

yep ,i tested my script because i use a property(string) of the obj to define the action ,so a bit different and was come some dubt
but work all as expected

plus : can seem a bit annoyng the actuator respect the older version , but for manage a character a bit complex you need to write the code in this way in all cases

then probably not calling ever the actuator should be a advantage as performaces.(teoretical)


Thanks you very mutch ! I used a bollean and it’s work too. I can continue my project :smiley: !!!