Armature Editing

Why is it when I setup my armature all nice and pretty and do some animating and what not that when I go into edit mode the stupid thing flips upside down and backwards clear across the screen? Now I know the armature is not the stupid one. Anyone know what I am talking about? Also, after animating is it possible to move it back without affecting the armatures pose mode? Thanks.

Unless you move the armature object in object mode, the ‘edit’ mode reverts the armature back to the exact same shape and position it was in when you created it. If you move the whole thing in pose mode and then tab back to edit mode, it will revert to this ‘rest position’, but when you go back to pose mode it will resume the pose you placed on it.

If you jump to another frame without keyframing or copying the pose to buffer, however, the pose may be lost.