Armature faster than Mesh problem


Im working on a 2D Animation in Blender and made one character so far. Now I’m stuck at making the Armature. I made vector groups for every part of the body and added a armature modifier to the mesh . Then I named all the Bones as the vector groups which is to be controlled. Now if I move a bone the the mesh doesn’t deform 1to1 with the armature, the armature is faster.

Can’t explain it too good, here is a picture of it:
Does anyone know how to fix that?

You could have multiple vertex groups, each with its own bone ‘competing’ to influence the affected vertexes.To check this, select the object and go into edit mode, then select one of the verts and in the transform properties pop-up window examine if there are one or more vertex deform groups.

Thank you very much Krisnack, you were right that was the problem.
Had this one already several times and never solved it :slight_smile: but now …