Armature fliped pose problem

(Tol) #1

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with inserting fliped pose in my armature. I have kept naming convention (foot.l, foot.r; i tried also foot.Left and foot.Rihgt as wel as l.foot and r.foot etc.). Also I tried what was written at QandA at once, so my skeleton is facing forward, rotation i cleared ect. But still- when I insert fliped positon, armature changes but not in fliped position- bones just rotate little.
Is flip paste functional at all? What I do wrong?

Thanx in advance and sorry for my strange English :slight_smile:

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it works weird…i dunno, i think u have to copy the pose to the buffer, and paste flipped…but i dont think it works right all the time =(
some times youll get lucky =)
if anyone know how to get it to work all the time, were all ears!

(Hos) #3

It might be a problem with the roll values of the bones.
Select a bone in edit mode and press n. Try to
make sure all of the roll values are 0.


(Tol) #4

Thanx. Unfortunatelly I had no luck either- I´ve ensured that Roll is null, but it still doesn´t work properly :frowning:
I still believe that it should work somehow and it is only due to I am dumb that I haven´t figuret yet, how to do it.

(Hos) #5

It took me a really long time to get it to work
too so I guess I am also dumb! :wink:

I do have a model where it does work

You might be able to use it to figure out
what is wrong with your skeleton (or if
that doesn’t work, you can steal the skeleton
and make it fit your character).


(Tol) #6

Thanks a lot! This should definitely help.


(Briggs) #7

the roll handles don’t have as much to do with it as how the whole axis of your armature is oriented (click draw axis out of pose and edit mode with armature selected.) As a matter of fact there are instances where you must adjust roll so its NOT 0 to get deformations to play nice. Poses are flipped along the y axis of the object (meaning that the positive Y axis should be running up the length of your character and the positive Z axis should be projecting out in front of them)

If you get it setup like this your good to go. Sometimes your able to rotate your whole armature in bones mode to correct this aligment problem (mikado also suggested using ctrl-r and ctrl-a once) but both of these have proven to be very unstable for me and has caused me to reconstruct skeletons before (apparently it can actually ruin the armature). It’s best to construct it aligned correctly outright.