Armature is moving weirdly

I have been trying to get this mesh to work for months now. The bones just make the limbs snap around and distort. There is seemingly no way I can get it to move normally. I have a feeling that it has to do with the modifier, but I can’t be sure. I wanted to upload the blend file, but forgot how. Do any of you guys know why it’s doing this? The mesh is not really terribly high poly, and I’ve been watching tutorials and I’ve never seen this happen to anybody else. The wire frame visibility option is enabled so you can see the topology.

I tried messing with the pivot points and topology, but I just cannot find where I went wrong here. But I want to thank everyone who’s been helping me understand blender! You guys are genius, and I’m sure you all have some great advice! Thank you all for your time.

Here’s another example.

My guess will be your weight painting is off, but you should upload a file for better advice. Put it on this site -> and share the link here.
I hope I did it right lol. Well thank you so much erickBlender for taking your time to respond and look into this problem. I cannot express my appreciation enough!

I took a look at your file.

First thing, that’s a cool looking model. If you made that yourself, good job.

Second thing.

Your file is absolutely loaded with multiple armatures, and your model is trying to deform using all of them. That’s not the way to do it. At least when you’re starting out (and probably for a good long time after that), you only want a single armature per character. Not sure why you have all these multiple armatures; you may not be adding bones to existing armatures.

(To see what I’m talking about: look at your model’s modifier stack. Those “armature” modifiers are how your armature tells your model to deform.)

Now, beyond that, a lot of your character’s verts just don’t have any weights. I’m not sure how it is you’ve weighted your model, but it doesn’t look like autoweights.

Make a single armature, with all the bones you want. Clear all modifiers from your mesh. Then parent your mesh to your single armature with autoweights.

I cannot possibly express exactly how happy I am for your reply here! I will give it a shot with just one basic armature as I am sure you are right. Also, thank you so much for what you said about my mesh here. Making 3D characters has been a lifetime dream for me, and this character is the very first I have ever made. So thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful words. I will reply in a few hours here when I can to update on how re-rigging it went.