Armature issues

Okay, im making my first animation in blender. The characters are just simple blocks, but with armatures to make animation easier. Now, in my animation, the characters are all the same, so to begin with, i placed the main charcter in his starting position, and applied a small animation of armatures(just a simple hand animation). So now, i was ready to add a new character to my animation, so i just duplicated the main characters figure and armatures. I cleared the rotation on the armatures to bring the new character back to a default position. However, although the rest of the body returned to normal, the hands (which i had animated in the previos character) were at an angle and when i hit alt+a they moved just like in the first charcaters armatures. i guess what im asking is there a way to clear the animation of the armatures in the second character, without damaging the animation of the armatures in the first character? thanks for any help.

Yes, RMB select the first character and go to the IPO window Action menu and make everything there single user by clicking on the 2. You’ll have to do that for every bone.

Then you select your 2nd character and open the Action window where the Action should now be “Action.001”. Hit A to select all keys and X to delete.


thanks so much! i knew it would inolve a two, because i recently conquered this problem with duplicated materials!