Armature Mesh Distortion - weird effects when applying the armtr to the mesh

Hey guys!
Im not much of a rigger but Im trying to face my fears now… but I got into some troubles I simply can`t find the solution…

Ive got a model with: -a rig (no applied yet - thats the goal)
-shape keys ( I tried to apply the rig without the armature and I still get the distortions)
-nothing wrong with vertex paint ( I tried to apply the mesh with empty groups and I still get the same thing BUT if I uncheck the ‘vertex paint’ box from armature modif the distortions is gone.

  • bones are not moving when I try to apply the armature
  • no mirror modif

I really cant find anything.... Id really appreciate if you will take the time to look at the blend file and help me. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced.

Any ideas? Sorry for the bump. I`ve got a deadline so it would be great if you could help me asap.

Still nothing? perhap could you suggest me a site where i can get fast support?

I took a quick look at the blend you provided, and there’s a few small issues, on adding an armature modifier the weird warped effect appear, as you said… It seems to be caused by a problem with the vertex group tent1R (the first section of the front right tentacle)
the vertex group here is too big for the area of effect, there is also an issue with the center of the mesh under the eye,its a good idea to have some grouping here, even if its just the head bone vert group with a very low strength.

when vertex painting, use shift+left click, to find out which parts of the mesh are effected by which groups.

so to fix it… reduce the sizes of some of the groups, but make sure every vert is in at least 1 group, just to keep them moving with the armature. It may also be worth using the “auto normalize” feature occasionally as this can help prevent none assigned verts…

I had it fixed , but messed up some of your weights, and so i didn’t save it. sorry, but its definately fixable.

The problem here is pretty simple. The head/neck/shoulder area of the mesh is hugely inflated compared to the armature, so automatic weights just aren’t quite sure where they should go. The upper lip is only receiving weight from the neck bone, not the head, and other parts are suffering similarly. The fix is relatively simple too, though it’ll take some time. Just take the mesh into Weight Paint mode and fix the weighting. Some parts will be hard for you to reach with a weight paint brush, so you might just assign them to the correct vertex groups in Edit Mode instead. But you can also move the character into a wildly distorted pose and paint the weird bits that are exposed by it. … oh look… I had saved it, But yes… weights are all a little off in this one(specially the lower jaw), but the distortion is pretty much sorted.

alriight! Thank you very much for all the effort guys!
Thanks God It finally worked out :smiley:

Always remember: automatic weights are only meant to be a starting point. They always require fixing, and the amount of fixing needed increases proportionally with the distance from the bone to the relevant portions of the mesh. You can see this principle in action in your mesh if you compare the auto-weight imperfections in the head and neck to those you find in the arms and fingers.

Cool creature, by the way.