Armature not bound with object


Im trying to rigg my headphone with armature, it has worked with a single bones to each speakers but when it’s about to rigg the upper piece, I parent it with automatic weight but nothing happens, I rarelly use armature and struggle with it.
How would you have proceeded to bind armature with my upper piece ?
Also, I’ve added 3 different armature for upper piece, left speaker and right speaker, was it good or a single armature for 3 objects was the way to go ?

Edit: problem solved, best way was to manually assign weight paint on vertex group and parent by deform


In 99% of the cases a single armature per asset is the way to go !


Yes otherwise I saw we could also bind vertices to bones, which was more effective for my mesh since I have made a wraped cover on the metal piece holding the 2 speakers

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