Armature not functioning on one side of a character

Hello reader,

When binding my armature to the mesh I get a problem that is that the armature only works on one side on the mesh, and deforms the mesh undesirably on the side it deforms (see video)

When I check the vertex groups, all the bones create groups and have proper weight, but when posing the bones it doesn’t deform on the right side.

I am using a mirror modifier but even when applying it the problem persists.

I have rigged a bit and this a new problem for me, a looked around to trouble shoot but found no real solution, any insights would help.

So far I tried:
-Applying all transform on the mesh
-Double check the suffix .R and .L
-Checked if there were any control deforming
-Exporting the mesh as an FBX and re-importing it
-Checking the vertex box in the mirror modifier
-Create empty groups and painting instead of automatic
-Applying mirror modifier
-Testing in a different Blender build (2.82 and 2.83 Alpha)

weights on side that is not deforming:

What happens when applying armature

2020-02-21 10-52-04.mkv (4.5 MB)

HI, have you tried painting the weights manually?

yes, I created empty groups and painted the weights but the problem persisted

Try this. Delete the side of the character not working. Add a mirror modifier and apply it.

Hey, i have tried that i started out with a mirror modifier, and when applying, delete malfunctioning side and re-applying it doesn´t do the trick

I don’t think the problem is with the mesh then… gotta be something going on with the rig itself, but without examining it… hard to tell.

I solved it, you are right, there were copy constraints that didn’t not work on one side of rig.

Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

Hey, I’m getting the same error that you had. Do you mind explaining exactly what you had to do to fix it? Been trying to troubleshoot for 2 days now.

Hey nick, this was a while ago and i can’t remember how i solved it, but if you send me your files i can take a look if you like

Ok actually I remember now. My rig was:
A base rig to which i skinned the mesh to
And a control rig where i did all of my iks and roll bones and whatnots.
My problem was that I had the wrong constrains from my base rig to my control rig.
I gotten a lot better at this over time, to start it took a while to wrap my head arround things like that but now its second nature.

Thanks for the reply! I realized that my problem is not exactly the same as yours but it does seem pretty similar. I created a low poly figure and wanted to learn rigging on him so I loosely followed a Grant Abbitt tutorial and rigged him. The left side works exactly how its expected to but the right side gets deformed strangely when being posed. I uploaded my .blend file to google drive if you can take a look at it that would be awesome thanks!

The file I uploaded was maybe my 8th attempt at this same figure. I tried as many different methods as I could find online but none seemed to work. I was working in Blender 2.83.4 btw if that matters.

Hey Nick,

If you are referring to this kind of stuff:


The problem is that the skinning on the right side is not done.
You can look for tutorials about that from Grant Abbit as well:

Hope this helps, rigging is one of those things you don’t get right from the start. I recommend taking notes and going slowly to really learn what is going on.


Thank you I’ll check out the tutorials when I’m home from work. I was just confused because I followed the exact same steps on both sides of the model so I couldn’t understand why it gave different results.

Hey, same problem here I’m just same as you i followed Grants tutorial and had the same error How did you solve it ?