Armature not showing up !?

Hey everybody have a problem when creating armatures as it wont show me the
bones I create. !? I can see the numbers xyz goes nuts when I click to create it, but
its not showing up on my screen.

At home it works fine, here at work it dosent, is my ATI graphiccard the reason behind this ? I have a Radeon x1600 and got the lastest driver and all …

I hope its a classic issuse and easy to sovl, thanks ALOT in advanced to who ever knows why.

In fact nothing shows up when creating anything new, that be mesh, lights, whatever. But nothing crashes, its just not showing up. ? And I do see the default box and light setup when I start up blender, I just cant see the thing I create !?! Anyone with anything would
be appreaciated thanks in advance.

I had some small problems, nothing that restarting blender wouldn’t solve but nothing like this. Try reinstalling it or if you have older version, try the never one.

That’s probably the problem.

The “latest driver” is not necessarilly the best one to use with Blender.

Try disabling hardware/OpenGL acceleration.

There’s also this thread :

If that doesn’t help, do a search for “ATI Cards” … etc. there are known problems with their OpenGL implementation.