Armature physics issue - Blender Game Engine

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to play with the BGE system using armatures and action.
But one issue came to me due to a BGE functionnality:
When you launch BGE, a “physics” of each mesh is made so that the game knows every mesh bounds (Fig. 1)
Now, if I add an armature to my scene and attach it to my Cube and move it (Fig. 2/3),
the game thincks that the bounds of the cube is still at its origin but it draws the cube from the armature position Fig(4)
But if the “thought cube bounds” is out of the view, the cube itslef disappear (the game is thincking that the actual cube is out of view and can be vanished to save memory Fig. 5/6)

Does anyone knows how to fix this issue ?

What are the physics settings on the cubeobject? Or better yet, if you post a .blend file demonstrating this we can help you even faster :slight_smile: