Armature problem

I set up a rig that is supposed to effect the armor and the body all at once. But it is only effecting the armor. How can I make them move simultaneously?

Hard to say without seeing the file. Have you checked the vert groups on your body mesh to make sure the weights are there, and the naming is correct? Also, make sure the armature modifier is on.

Heres the file. Please do not tamper with it.

okay, it obviously cannot be uploaded. let me send a screen shot

@dan2 Here are the issues I am having. The armor is moving but the body is not. I set them both up. but it only effects the armor. Am i supposed to use two seperate armatures, or is there anyway where I can use just one effecting both the armor and body?

It seems you’re not using an armature modifier but some sort of constraints. select the body, shift select the armature, ctrl-p and select armature deform - with automatic weights.

I did that. But I also did do a constraint for the armor. Only the constraints are working, but not the body rig.

I want to control the body, but have it effect the armor as well.

your body mesh doesn’t seem to have any modifiers on it. can you make a shot of the modifiers panel as well as the vert groups of the body mesh in the object data tab?

You should send the file over, or at least a stripped down version of it, so it’s easier to troubleshoot. Right now it’s guesswork.

First of all, spaceman_base is 6.6M faces - don’t even try to rig that, you should be working with a much lower resolution model - my guess is you had a subsurf modifier on it (3 subdivs by the looks of it), and you applied it ? or maybe the model comes from another software and the subdivs were baked in ? In any case that’s the first thing you should be correcting.

Then you’ll need to bind the mesh to the armature like @dan2 suggested - in the file you provided there are no weights (vertex groups) assigned to the mesh (an armature modifier is not enough).

My advice is to take a few tutorials to get up to speed with rigging, learn the basics such as painting weights, use constraints, etc. (for instance for the helmet you should be using either childof constraint or direct parenting instead of armature constraint)

Cheers, good continuation !


Okay, I see what your saying. So I think what is also happening is the armor is being assigned to the armor instead of the body causing it not the affect the body. My guess is that it cannot affect both the armor and mesh if your using an armature modifier on both. Childof might be better for the armor. Also, I looked up a video about assigning vertices. I also have a lower poly model, so that might work since it seems to solve another problem I am having. I’ll take what you said to heart and hopefully I can get a successful rig. I also need to watch the video I just mentioned. Thanks for the help guys! :slight_smile: