Armature problem

im working on a game model, and ive added an armature.

all the vertex groups names are right, but this happens:

and how do i fix it?

well, apparently the vertex groups are in fact NOT right

perhaps those verts are in another group

to find out, use the select button for vertex groups in edit mode [and deselect afterwards] to see which group they may be in

hmm, when i move the neck armature, it moves the neck and the foot verts. i looked at the vertex groups, but those verts arent in the neck group. all the vertex groups are fine.

Perhaps you have several vertices at identical positions. ‘Rem Doubles’ will remove those. It certainly looks like the armature is moving a set of points away while a second set of points remains at the same spot.

no, those are shin gaurds(or whatever you call them). this is going to be a predator model. i fixed it, i remodeled those parts. thanks for the advice.