Armature Problem

I am trying to make a guy punch in my game by saying when “space” is pressed “play IPO” I have already animated the arm with armatures, but when I put the logic bricks together it doesn’t work. Anybody got a clue whats going on? here is the blend file if needed.

Thank you.

to make an armature animation work in the game engine, you must follow these steps (i did this to your blend, and it worked fine)

  1. make sure that your animation is an action, not just an ipo before you start (pose ipo’s cannot be switched later) (btw yours is good)
  2. make and connect a sensor, controller, and acctuator in you armature
  3. make the sensor a “keyboard” type, and set it to the “space” key
  4. make the acctuator an action type, tell it to play whatever you named your punch action (in yours, just Action)
  5. press “p”, then press “space” and watch him punch
    hope that helped

well sounds like it would work, but how to I make sure it is an action (step 1)

actually I got it to work so ignore the above post. I have a new problem though, actually hitting something, heres the .blend file (just press “p” and then space bar)

by the way is this the way most be make there attacks for there games? Thanks.

actualy, im having the exact same problem in my game.
on mine, it is a robotic arm that moves in-and-out when you press two buttons, but i use a property to move it. i cant find a way to have a child object work in physics, at the moment they act as ghosts, except worse since unlike a real ghost it doesnt even register a colision.
so at the moment, both of our heads are hurting :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and to clarify step 1, you just make sure that the button in the ipo window is pressed that makes the ipo connected to an action.
also, you can make sure that it shows up in the action window.