Armature Problem

Hello bros,
I need you to help me with a problem, I was following an old Animation tutorial for beginners, I got most part going expect the connection between the hip and the Spine1 octahedron. The problem is the armature will not let be connect from the tip of the hip octahedron to the root of Spine1 octahedron, the tutorial does not mention of how to fix the problem and I try Track to and IK solver constraints but nothing is working. So if any of you pros know how to fix the problem please let me know and thanks in advance and I am using the latest version of Blender, which is version 2.5. (??)

best regards

You fix this one with an upsidedown hip bone.
i assume with hip bone you mean the end of your legs?

Select the first spine bone tip in edit mode.
extrude a new bone from there (so its parented) anywhere.
select the root of the first spine bone and press shift+s>snap cursor to selection
select the tip of the new bone and shift+s>snap selection to cursor

Now you should have a “duplicate” of the first spinebone, only upsidedown, following the spine bone when you move it.

Make the duplicate non-deforming.
Select the upper-leg bones (or what i think are your calling hip) and shift LMB the new upsidedown spinebone. now press ctrl+p and parent the upper legs to the upsidedown bone with “keeping offset”
now the legs move with the base of the spine if you move the spine.
and if you move the helper the hip moves, wich is what we want for animating walkcycles or sexy poses on female chars.

sorry for the “rush-through” help, but i need to get back to work ^^

Yo arexma! Thx a lot for you help bro, as the problem is now fix and until I hit into more problems lol :D. Thx again.