armature problem

hey, i’m working on a small project but i’m having troubles with the armature
probably a common problem and i already had that problem but i forgot how to fix it O_o
i know you have to parent the object to the armature to be able to play your animation (walk cycle) (as far as i know maybe that is even wrong?) but when i do that i get this weird problem:

as you can see my body is going out of the armature and does freaky things so i hope you guys know how to fix it.

Parenting your object to the armature isn’t the only thing you need to do. You have to set up the resulting vertex groups in the object itself, either by going in the vertex groups tab and edit one by one or by painting influences one by one (select the character and hit CTRL+TAB to reach Weight Paint).

I’m just learning the BGE and had this problem too. Removing the armature modifier solved the problem for me.

lol already did that, still thanks for reply

didn’t work

How about if there are multiple armature modifiers assigned to your model? I presume not, so maybe it’s an order issue, the armature modifier must be on top of the hierarchy. I’m pretty sure that for BGE you have to make the object a child of the armature, the modifier it self isn’t sufficient.

i have really tried allot of combinations but don’t work so heres the file…

click for file
(don’t mind the crappy animation)

select the “armor” mesh, delete the “Armature” modifier, and apply the “mirror” one!
Do the same to the “body” mesh!
Then select the “armor” then the “body” and do Ctrl-J keys to “join”, and make a single “object”.
Then select the “new” object then the Armature and do Ctrl-P to “parent” and choose “don’t create Vertex Groups”
It should work, now…I hope!
ps. by the way, your character have too many vertices, maybe, and you Armature too many bones for sure!

I love you XD so yes it worked and i know it has too many vertices and too many bones but i first wanted to have this problem solved before i continue
and thanks again.

Your project poses an interesting issue: how to animate the armor together with the body without using too many bones. How would one do that? Considering OTO says you have too many bones. I think the approach you did on the thigh area is fine. Considering the armour is made of hard pieces. Maybe I should post a new thread on this… :stuck_out_tongue:

i have already animated the armour but i get 5 extra bones :s
btw now i have from 71 bones to 62 bones but i am quite sure that that is still too much?

For instance in the feet, you don’t need as much, but the overall of bones seem ok. Why do you think you have too many bones?


I’ve found that 20 bones is about right for my character


Well ok Eterniam, but we know it depends from character to character. AncientGreek’s character may need more bones. Think about a realistic hand rig. Just in that case you need at least 16 bones, for one hand. Anyway, if OTO is reading this, let him explain why he thinks there are too many bones in Greek’s character. I’m curious :slight_smile:

they say it slows the game down.

Games are meant to be ran in powerfull machines. If the character needs 100 bones, it must have’em. What if one needs a dragon with a huge tail in the game? But let’s consider your character and go from the file you supplied before. In that file you have 71 bones. After carefully reviewing your armature, I got to the conclusion you only need 50, but no less than that number. Unless anyone cares to provide a better solution :slight_smile:

you can be right but i have only lowered it to 62 not to 50 lol

Games are meant to be ran in powerfull machines

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and make your game run smoothly on as many machines as you can reasonably. You need to compromise quality with availability.

If the character needs 100 bones, it must have’em.

Fair enough, but it doesn’t need that many in this case.

What if one needs a dragon with a huge tail in the game?

Shapekeys would work better for something like that.

I haven’t remade his armature as I have my own stuff to do, but I reckon that for the back two joints is good enough, the feet only require 1 bone each, the neck/head can be 1 bone, hands can one bone for the wrist, one bone for the thumb, and then you can pair the four fingers into two sets of two bones. He doesn’t need the bones between the lower back and the top of the legs, I reckon it could be cut down to 30 bones.

62 bones would probably run OK if you had only had a few armatures per scene, but otherwise it may get a bit slow.

Here is an example blend of your armature with 50 bones. Removing some more bones will still make it work, but not as well as it should. It all depends on what your character is supposed to do.

I only have a question for Eterniam, how would you go on animating the armour of the character? Do you think Greek’s approach is good?


elf_v2.blend (552 KB)

I only have a question for Eterniam, how would you go on animating the armour of the character? Do you think Greek’s approach is good?

I’m unsure xD If he could reuse the same armour bones for most pieces of armour then it would probably be fine. I haven’t had that problem as my armour doesn’t have flaps.

You could probably cut out one or two bones by using shape keys but I don’t think it’s worth the effort in this case, because the band of the armour that goes around the hip will have to be controlled by the same bones that controls the lower back/legs and so you’d have to try and run a bone animation and a shapekey animation in sync. Depending on what the character does it may be possible to put the two back flaps under one bone.

Yeah, mixing bone animation with shape keys is the way. I wonder how they do it in Transformers and movies alike. Maybe they have hundreds of controllers… I would like to see a blend file of something like that.