Armature rotation angles?

Well, I’ve tried and tried but I give up :-?

How do I get my Z-axes to point up on horizontal bones? The default seems to be Z forward, X downward when the armature is built in front view (NUM1)

I can rotate them in pose mode but this transposes them they aren’t rotated in edit mode even if I apply the rotation. I can’t rotate them at all in edit mode.

Recalculate bone angles (CTRL-N) doesn’t fix it.

2.37a and 2.4a2 Mac.

Hit N to get into the transform properties, then you want the roll value.

At least I think that’s what you’re looking for.

It looks like that would be a “one bone at a time” job and bones are at different angles so I’d have to work out the right angle for each one as I select it.

I’ve noticed that sample armatures I’ve downloaded have consistent z and x directions while my armature, built from scratch, has angles all over the place - and they’re different from left to right too.

I thought that maybe it was because it was already skinned so I made a simple four bone armature (2 vertical bones, 2 horizontal) and the angles are always z forward and I can’t see an easy way to change it.

You can set the axis of the Armature to be Z-Up whith Ctrl-A. The only way to get the axii of the bones to correlate with that of the armature axis is to add them in Top view (but they will go off once you pose them).