Armature with multiple sensors problem

I’ve been searching the forum, but I can’t find a good answer to my problem.

For the game I’m working on I created a crane. It has to pick up several gastanks and place them in various clamps. These motions are defined by an armature with an action.

I get in trouble when I assign multiple sensors to the same armature.

I want an action to play only when I press a button in combination with the collision of an object (with a property) AND in combination with a property set to a specific value (these values define which action to play).

So, it’s 3 sensors attached to 1 controller set to ‘AND’ which is attached to an actuator playing the action.

At this moment, when I want to test this set-up, the armature plays the action either only at pressing the key, or only in collision with the object.

With IPO’s such a set-up works wonderfully. Maybe I need to bake the action?


How can you have a collision with an armature? Answer: you can’t. Therefore, you must need a Message sensor to tell the armature when the something is in collision. The collision sensor of object sending the message needs to be pulsed, otherwise it would only send the message once.

You are absolutely right.

It was my mistake that I didn’t pose my question more clearly. :expressionless: I know that armatures cannot detect collisions.

What I forgot to say is that the crane arm (with armature) is parented to a base which moves (and can detect collisions). The base senses areas (with properties) on the ground and SHOULD tell the armature which action to play.

To state it more clearly: Base moves and senses area with property. Base sends message to armature , and then crane with armature plays action corresponding to specific area when key is pressed.

The problem is that it doesn’t work like this.
When I press ‘P’ the action plays immediately regardless of collision or keystroke, and after this action plays EITHER on keystroke OR collision of the base, instead of waiting for input of both sensors (collision of base + keystroke).


So this is your setup?

Collision (pulse) prop: lift -> AND -> Message lift

Message (pulse) lift -> AND -> Action Lift
Keyboard Space --------^

Yes, that was more or less my set-up.

It appeared that after some testing this set-up didn’t meet with the demands I had, so I changed the set-up to something new. This way I circumvented the whole issue!

This is thanks to you, Toomai. Your clarity of showing the set-up made me realize I was thinking too complicated and not looking for a simple solution.

Thanks! :smiley: