armaturePANEL [0.1.0] [2.79]

Just added batch support for the Align to Bone operator.

When holding ALT and clicking the operator button all the currently selected bones will have their assigned custom shape objects aligned to the bones.

This is useful for obvious reasons.

it will automatically align the object from which it is taking its shape to the bone?

can you also make some function to make it mirror those objects so when you do a symetrical rig you don’t have to do the same weird shapes and try to invert them somehow with an other shape ?

It does, while holding ALT the selected pose bones will have their custom shapes aligned as well.

There is a bit of an issue in that when you adjust the operator options after aligning the shape it may remove the shape if you assigned it just before using the operator, this is an issue with the undo/redo functionality of blender, I will fix soon.

I may introduce this sometime in the future, however I am working on a paid for addon called Custom Shape Library, when finished you will be able to create custom shape assets, store them and easily add or change the custom shapes of a rig.

Love the new batch feature! I already bought your Name Panel addon from Blender Market and I will certainly buy this one when it’s out.

This addon will always be free, the custom shape library is a new addon I will be releasing soon, I just performed some much needed cleanup to this small shortcut addon and I am glad you like it :slight_smile:

I have been using this addon, thanks.

Glad you like it :slight_smile: