Armatures 2.49b

Hey guys,

I´m still working in blender 2.49b.

Does anyone know if it´s possible for an armature to do 2 actions at the same time?

I have 1 action where my character does something with his arms.
The other action is walking with the legs.

I need my character to continue walking and do the action with his arms as soon as I press a key.
I tried to make 2 actions and only insert key at the legs or only insert key at the arms, but this doesn’t work.

Besides having 2 armatures, is there any solution?

Thanks. :wink:

I have done it. . . on accident. The other bones you want to move in a different action have to have no key frames in the first actio. I might be wrong. . . I think it could work. . .

Yes, the solution is to make sure that your actions only use the channels necessary for the actions to work. For example, for the walking ‘half’ of your animation, ensure that the arms don’t have a channel used for animation. Same goes for the arms. The channels are visible in the Animation screen.

It worked in my demo file.

The problem now is that in my own game I already inserted keys to all the bones.
Can I somehow delete these from the list in the animation?

Thanks already


Nevermind I found out I can just delete them.

Thanks for your help