Armatures and Constraints

(SimonK) #1

Having a bit of trouble getting my skeleton to do what I want. Basically it is something with two legs at a central pivot point. (Think nutcracker) I want to be able to pick up the end of each leg and key in location and lock it there until the next key. FK was my first attempt and was not successful. I’ve been experimenting with IK and while I can make this work (sort of like a leg with the knee as the top of the nutcraker) when I move one of the “feet” forward the leg armature twists and causes the mesh to warp on itself. Moving the feet out for the side is fine (the Nutcracker opens). Is there anywhere around that has detailed information on constraints - I’ve looked at the tutorials here and on Slid3 and iceman’s site. If I can’t solve this via IK I will go back to FK, but it means a lot of keyframing to key the feet in place. There has to a be simpler :-? way.

(BlueBear) #2

Hm, I don’t know if I get you right (still working on my English :wink: ), but maybe this helps: Add another bone to the armature. Don’t parent it to the leg. Then select one of the leg-bones in pose mode and ad a “Copy Rotation” in the constrains menue with the new bone as the target.

I fixed an armature this way, though I don’t really understand how this trick works (so don’t ask me for details …)