Armatures and vertex groups for wings...

im working on my blender learning, with basic animation down im deciding to work on modeling my first character.

It being a dragon… im going to work on it section at a time then pull each piece togeather into one mesh… ive startyed on the wings first thinking them the biggest thing to get out the way… and using this to learn armatures and bones… ive preplaned most of it and it wil seem for the most part to go flawlessly… short of one small detail.

the form of the wing is the main bones aka the arm… and 3 finger style extrusions… each easilly done with armatures… the complication? the membrane between the bones of the wing… they HAVE to be placed into the vertex groups one way or another so they deform with the rest of the mesh… and being the hand/foot tut i found wasent exactly beginner friendly and overly specific with details… how this all is going to work out without planning has me a lil worried.

::merfs and beans himself::

i forgot another Q i had >.<

the membranes of wings are dual sided… the inside being a lighter tone and different texture then the back side of the membrane which is often exposed to the elements… being the one im using is obviously just a single plane… is there a way to make one side of a face one material… and the other side of a different material?

Actually things can be a little bit less complicated if you use weight painting…

I have a little tutorial on this:

A single face can only have one material. Instead of using a Plane to model the wings, I think it would be a better idea to use a cube and scale it down so that it is very thin…

hmmmm… the weight painting thing has potential lol… thanks for the info… i can use gradients on the membranes and “hopefully” that will give the basic effect im looking for.

as for the making the membrane out of a box… you can tell im a noob being i really should have thought about that on my own… i can select all the verts that are of the membrane… and extrude it a few micro pixels downwards to give a back side to add the second material… ill just have to remember that with it having 2 sideds and 2 sets of pixels that ill have include both sets in mt vertex group settings.

tried the extrude with the proper material selected which in the past has caused the extursion to make its faces witht he material already assigned to it… handy lil feature… at first… it seemed like it worked… in the solid mode the back side went from the main red to the secondary black that i wanted… giving each side a different color… but when i rendered it was still red on both sides >.<

upon selecting the new extrusions and deleting them… ALL the faces and edges that made up the membrane OTHER then the very outline was deleting leaving just the outline >.<…

i can only guess that when an extrusion is made that it has to be at least a minimal distance before the second side of the object is officioally created.