Armatures going nutz

I’ve been following along with a blendercookie tutorial on the human meta rig thats part of the rigify addon in blender 2.5, and it worked at first but now when i try to setup a rig from scratch i can’t move the armature with out it freaking out and going insane at the slightest move.

i posted a video on my youtube channel so you’ll better understand whats happening

so far the same thing keeps happening in windows and in ubuntu. i can’t seem to figure out what’s causing it. it just started happening out of the blue.
if i load an old armature it works as its supposed to, as you’ll see if you watch the video. but if i start a new blend file. add the metta rig and create a ik for the hand controler bone to the forarm and try to move the arm it goes crazy and doesn’t behave the way it should.
even if i RMB to cancel the action acts as if i LMB and kept motion and i have to Ctrl+z to get it back to the original position.

has anyone else out there seen this happen before?

i hope someone can help me fix this.

thanks in advance.

Cyclic dependency.

Hand is child of forearm, but in your own words, you say you add an IK solver for the chain starting from the hand pointing back at the forearm. Don’t do this sort of thing!

Aligorith, your right!

ok looks like my major flaw was that when i duplicate the hand bone to create the ik controler i never cleared it parent causing the arm to go nuts when moved.

thanks! so simple yet so easy to over look.

Aw. I really wanted to see the video to get an illustration of what you were talking about but it says that you removed the video.

i had to take it down, some how the audio got all messed up… not sure what happened. so i’m going to rerender the video… if i can and try and re-post it. not guarantees tho.