(PlantPerson) #1

I know there’s a tut about armatures here, and I actually used it to set up an armature system in the first place. But I couldn’t figure out how to use armatures in the game engine from it! It says to put the name of the walkcycle into the action actuator, but I never saw when or how you were supposed to name the walkcycle in the first place! :x

~Part 2~

I want my diver guy to move his legs all the time, but only move his arms when you tell him to swim. I also want him to look around every once and awhile. I’ve actually accomplished this before (basically) with simple IPO anim, can this also be achieved with armatures?

%| Oh, there goes PlantPerson again with all his stupid questions. %|

(dreamsgate) #2

ooh, ooh, I know this one, kind of:

Select your object you have animated,
In the action window, there is a text button at the bottom, change it to what ever name you want, just like for naming objects and materials.

And though I haven’t tried it, you can make a new action and name it by clicking little “-” next to action name.

(PlantPerson) #3

what action window? And how will it know that the actions are different?

(PlantPerson) #4

Nevermind. I figured it out.