Hi, could someone please tell me how to add armatures. It won’t let me add them if I’m editing something in edit mode. I remember a tutorial I did before on an earlier version (The gingerbread man) and you had to add armatures in edit mode…


Then you just parent the Armature to your mesh with the option you prefer (Armature becomes the parent of the mesh).

You add the armature in Object mode and Blender immediately jumps into edit mode (as it does with cubes, spheres, etc) where you can add more bones, name bones and move bones around.

you mean adding more bones to the armature? now it uses extrude (just press E) then move the new bone to define its lenght

no no, i know how to extrude and add more bones. I mean how do I add them to an object, say a hand. With the gingerbread man i could edit them BOTH in edit mode, and add armatures while gingy was in edit mode. Now i can only add em in object mode

ahaha… nevermind. i think I’ve figured it out :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Actually, only kinda figured it out… :frowning: I think the last version was 2.38? I like that one much better for armatures :stuck_out_tongue: I just can’t figure this out…