armeture bug

hay everyone have anyone actually tryd doing a character with blender game engine 2.78? and reached the moment where the armeture starts to make some strange behaviour? because this thread is about it. so I am working on a demo test of a game, and I am using 2.78 ,and the whole test is about making a character that does alot of animatons, like walking, running, crouching, and walking etc… but as I am moving with this, the character reaches a moment where it stop playing any animation, and starts doing some funny strange behaviour, some time’s it keeps doing the last pose before starting this strange thing, It would be beater if I just showed you a video or a blend file, but I don’t have a stable internet to do that at the time, so exactly my character started doing this when I reached a moment, of making it ride on a car or an animal, I was hopping that one of you had come with this situation and can help me on how to avoid it, I just want to know what is it,? why does it happens, and how to fix it, also you need to know that every animation is ether on separated layer or a different priority so if anyone know something, please help, thanks for your time alf

vanilla bge is quite broken. upbge or rolling back vanilla versions is your best options.

i have yet to find a version superior to 2.74 vanilla in terms of stability.

oh cool thanks for the tip and sorry for the long replay