Armor Paint 3D, is it ready for production?

Is Armor paint 3D working well? Can I use it for painting a normal map at the same time as the diffuse? I do not have access to substance painter.

Wrong forum. Use the Armory 3D forums instead:

I’ve used ArmorPaint for a Blender project. I’m new to it, I confess, but after watching some tutorials on YouTube I found it to be pretty powerful. I’m not sure specifically to your question regarding painting normal maps concurrently with diffuse, but I do know that I’ve found the latest version of Armor Paint stable except in some mesh importing cases (on Linux).

After I check out some tutorials on it, I might buy it.

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So far I recommend it. If nothing else, it supports another FOSS program :smiley:

Features i liked so far:

  • imports blend meshes directly
  • dropping properly named textures in material area, creates materials automatically. This works with folders! See for examples
  • Git version compiles flawlessly on Manjaro Linux
    more 2 come
    → Give it a try.
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umm… why? as predominately a blender user, I am curious about ArmorPaint in terms of its use with Blender projects… outsourcing all commentary on it to their own internal forums seems like a good way to miss the opinion of blender users specifically

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Some further research for this forum category section would reveal what is officially stated:

Granted, it should be updated?


While posting games that are not related to Blender is fine, discussing it in: #game-engine:finished-games is the wrong section in any interpretation possible. :-)

Discussion is for: #game-engine:game-engine-support-and-discussion.