Armor Paint not retaining brushes Between Sessions

Recently i have been looking into Texture Painting programs for some texture work on larger structures, mainly buildings. In that ends i have been using Armor Paint as it seems to be a far cheaper alternative to Substance, however it seems like my experience with it has been marred with issues, mainly due to the lack of forums and help in regards to documentation and issues.

Regardless my latest issues seems to be that every time i close the program and reload my current project, Armor Paint just outright forgets any and all brushes i have created. Im wondering whether im simply missing something here or whether its just a bug in the program, any assistance would be appreciated. To note im importing my brushes in by importing the PNG of my brushes, that may have something to do with it.

unrelated but somewhat of a extension to this all, how Robust or versatile in Blenders own Internal Texture painting system, as i am tempted to use that over a external program at this point.

Update: For anyone with the same issue, yes, despite using what seems like the exact same system, importing PNGs as brushes will cause the program to forget about them when you quit, you need to import them as PNGs, export those as Armor Paints brush type, then Import that to have them be retained.