Armor Paint reviews? Worth getting it?

I am looking at three options; struggle with blender’s paint system, continue using 2d paint programs, or buy armor paint. I know if I buy armor paint and it works, then I will probably be using 2d paint programs with it, but.

Is armor paint worth buying for doing freelance production on game assets?

Option 4: Afaik you can still buy Substance Painter

Indeed you can, either perpetual or as a subscription, honestly, well worth the outlay and so much fun!

I checked out substance painter. I can just barley afford it, but this is not a problem. The problem is requirements. It needs red hat, or ubuntu. I’m using opensuse. Another problem is steam is required, I don’t use steam.

If only they had the substance painter for OpenSuse, without steam required.

You can extract the deb or rpm and run the contents on your machine most likely. Try it out with the trial and see if it works. :slight_smile: