Armored alien creature

Mostly because I can’t figure out how to finish my cruise ship, I started a new project that will expand to other things. This is the Milnor armored infantry. I don’t have the gun on it yet, but the armor is supposed to be chromey for deflecting laser weaponry. They come from a peaceful society but have been forced into war. The backside of it propels it through the sky and space. It’s actually an alien mammal and not a bug. If someone could point me to a beetle shell material that would be great because I’m not too satisfied with the material I have. There’s going to be a lot more of these guys, but I need a little help with this one before I start the new ones.


For starters add more lamps, and put it on a plain white plain. Get rid of those horrible colours. Give the legs some variation in position. Delete the bluey brown underlayer. It looks tacky. Make it a solid chrome beast.

How serious is this project?? I think this might belong over in WIP.

Could we have some close-ups without color (Just GI, maybe a wireframe or two…)? Not much can be said with what is given…

As well as: you haven’t really told us where you are seeking to go with the project or what the goals are for it… Knowing those things it will make it a lot easier to critique what you have.

So, yes: is this a serious project?

Perhaps this does need to be in WIP. I was exhausted when I posted it and wasn’t thinking too clearly. But yes it’s serious. I’m going to use these in a graphic novel so I need all the help I can with getting their look right. My goal is to create a bug-like creature with the same texture as a Japanese beetle. I’m not wanting the entire beast to be chrome, just the armor covering it. I’ll get the wireframes here as soon as possible. How do I get this moved to WIPs?