Armorpaint for Free? Build it!

In this short tutorial I show how to build Armorpaint with Visual Studio 2017 so that you can use it for free and always the latest version:-)


How do you start it without going through Visual Studio?

Create a windows link and use …\build\krom as commandline args for krom.exe

While it’s good to know how to build it, their funding is at 60% of their goal (800 of 1300€/Month). I would add another requirement near VS 2017 : a developer writing the code to build = enough funding.

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Not sure I get what you mean by this. You do this when building in Visual Studio or after? Tried googling “Create a windows link” ,but didn’t really get any info that helped.

OK, found out you can just copy the Krom.exe to “armorpaint/build/krom” folder.

You can also create a batch file inside of the build folder of the krom.exe and name it like ArmorPaintStart.bat that contains just:

Krom.exe …/…/…/…/build/krom

I would encourage people who can afford it to buy this software on gumroad to help fund further development:
Buy ArmorPaint on Gumroad

Yes, but you can build it anyway to always get the latest features:-)

that is good :slight_smile:

At the start of the video, do you make your own projects folder in the C drive or can you use any folder?

You can use any folder you like

Hey I just tried it but when I did the
node Kha/make krom -g direct3d11

It ran everything but it didn’t make a folder called krom.

I only see kromx folder

Edit: There is a krom folder in the build folder, is that it?

There was updates today and looks like current build instructions no longer work.

They should use CMake, like Blender does.

Dang what luck. Well too bad then, do you know if there are any plans to update the build instructions?

The build instructions just got updated. Just tried and it builds fine.

Wait were you ever able to find a way to start the application without opening visual studio each time?

Sorry this confused me a little. So all in specific instructions all I do is copy and paste Krom.exe to the build/krom folder and it automaticlly works? I don’t need to edit any properties or anything?

EDIT: Nevermind figured it out.

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