Armory Logic Nodes - New Tutorials for Armory Game engine

(Montedre) #1

I have started a new series of tutorials for the Armory game engine that covers logic nodes and their uses for the game engine.

(Lostscience) #2

any chance armory game engine can handle spherical worlds with earth type gravity with decent framerate?

(<== Lost? Click Me) #3

I’ll go out on a limb and say yes. Can do shaders to round a flat world / geometry or calculate rotations to align bases of objects to the gravity vector. Maybe other ways too.

(Montedre) #4

Gravity is definitely working in Armory. The rest should be the same as most other game engines. The graphics really depend on your computer and the size of the world you are making. This would be the same in any game engine.

(Montedre) #5

Here is the second video in the series.

(Montedre) #6

The series continues, this on covers the Get and Set Property nodes

(Montedre) #7

Another couple videos in the series

(Montedre) #8

(Montedre) #9

A small departure from the norm in list series but still relevent.

(Montedre) #10

Here is the latest in the series:

(Montedre) #11

Here are the latest videos in the series.

(Montedre) #12

Another couple of videos dealing with function nodes. These are a game changer.