Armory3D on Patreon to release it for everyone

(SamCameron) #1

Lubos just created a Patreon page for Armory, please help to reach the goal (1600$), this will benefit everyone by having an amazing 3D engine based on Blender.

For more information about Armory 3D:

(JustinBarrett) #2

*based on current blender. While I think this is a fine move fr them…I think they are merely cutting their losses…with 2.8 in the not too distant future, I myself would not be worrying about developing further…still this is a positive move I think.

(burnin) #3

Also here… Thread: Armory Engine Feedback: Armory at Blender Conference! (created 21-Feb-16, 22:40)

(Lumpengnom) #4

Isn´t this the same as what Eevee is supposed to do?

(chafouin) #5

Eevee is only a viewport renderer, Armory also supports game scripting inside Blender.

(BeerBaron) #6

First of all, the rendering quality and sophistication achieved by Armory is well beyond what the current 2.8 does. The pace of development - especially considering its scope - is very encouraging.

Secondly, the fact that it isn’t bogged down by Blender’s technology and licensing framework is a great strength. The Blender game engine (or whatever its replacement will be) will not run on any other platforms in the foreseeable future.

With Armory, the first steps towards building interactive content for the Web (and many other platforms) directly from Blender are already done. Check out the browser demos and compare the very fast loading times to an HTML5 build of Unity or Unreal content.

I think there’s some great potential and a unique value proposition here. I hope that this project will receive the support it needs to continue.

(Ace Dragon) #7

If engines like Armory offer free game development solutions (that are integrated at the same level as the BGE and its press ‘P’ pipeline), then there will be no need for that old engine anymore.

The UPBGE devs. can do the same thing and give a way for people to quickly get their old projects up and running again (but with much better performance and graphics alongside logic that works).

The engine looks amazing so far, but we really need to see a release (there does not seem to be any target for when the accumulation of features stop in favor of getting everything tested and released).

(JustinBarrett) #8

@BeerBaron: I’m not saying armory is not good at what it does…I’m saying with 2.8 coming it will greatly decrease the margin between the quality that people need to pay for(armory) and the level of quality they can get for free(master branch)…not to mention to update armory they have to refactor a lot of things that are more than likely based on the 2.5 codebase which is changing considerably…I still stand by what I stated, but maybe this makes my point more clear.

(Xraygunner) #9

Please excuse my ignorance, but this is a full blown game engine and content creation package that can export to the likes of UE4 and Unity?

(Dantus) #10

The engine is rather new and that means you can expect all sort of issues, such as hardware or driver specific issues or performance issues. It is certainly impossible to see how it evolves.
Just to give an example: I tried to run their HTML solution which is praised a few posts above and on my computer, the examples I tried out did not work. I never had this kind of issue with Unreal or Unity builds for the web.

(cadaei) #11

Peeking at the manual, looks like you export directly to the platform you are interested in. I might be temped to give the IOS export a try.

(aermartin) #12

The performance of Armory Paint is impressive, and something I wish we had in Blender.

it’s painfully slow, and forget about 20k texture painting.

(rogper) #13

Hey, I’m a Armory user since the day it was available to buy.

It’s a complete game engine with everything Unreal and Unity have.
It already can build the game in almost anything on a PC and later may even build on consoles (I’ve already seen some demos of it on XBox One).
I’ve personally have build demos in HTML, Linux and Android.

Unlike Blender Game Engine (tied to the Blender license) and many of the big engines clever (or not that much) fees, you own your game and have no strings attached. What you make you can sell it.

It’s under active development and, considering that it’s being made by just one person, every week the huge amount of new stuff and corrections makes it look like we have here the equivalent of Blender when compared with 3D studio Max in the early days. A very promising game engine that can even, as it matures, beat the Big Bosses.

For now users can already make some playable stuff, it’s not production ready yet, but, every game a person tries to make will help Lubos to find the bugs. There was occasions in which people reported a bug in the forums and in the next hour is fixed :

Besides the great visual looks and graphic capabilities, the coolest thing for me is that it has visual programing using Blender nodes :smiley:

Ho! It already has a version for Blender 2.8…
Armory is for persons to make interactive applications, like games. It’s not intended to compete with blender 2.8 but work side by side with it.

(cadaei) #14

Is there more detailed documentation for IOS? I’m curious how well it handles various control schemes - touch vs mifi controller vs Apple TV remote and such.

Looking here:
It seems to have logic node for keyboard and controller.

(rogper) #15

The documentation is still on progress also, from time to time each topic gets better documented.

For now keyboard, mouse and game pad are working well :slight_smile:
There is an open game initiative going on the Armory forums, It’s a space shooter and already shoots , the ship is controllable by keyboard and mouse …and has animated thrusters :evilgrin:.
Everything is being coded with logic nodes by the forum user “Simonrazer”.

The links for the files are on the second line.
It builds and runs on Build 14

(thomascheng) #16

This looks like it has big potential. I like to see it finished.

(chafouin) #17

I also think this has a lot of potential, I am quite sad to see how bad the patreon campaign is going. Thanks rogper to give people a bit more information, I think users who have experience with it and Lubos should try to make more videos, explain what you can do with it with more concrete examples and create some buzz around it.

(Thenewone) #18

doubtful and the developer hopefully isn´t claiming such nonsense.

(rogper) #19

No, the developer is not claiming that.
I’m the one claiming it, it’s my personal opinion.

…anyway, what I want to say is that it has enough for making games, including most of the cool stuff other engines have, including real time GI, visual programing, easy of use, build to several platforms and the best integration with Blender seen to the date :wink:

Lubos haven’t release this campaign officially yet :slight_smile: It’s up but he didn’t even mentioned it on the forums.

(Tosky) #20

Rogper, could you post a video or write something regarding assets made with Blender then “import” to armory3d? How exactly is the workflow?