Arms are bending backwards! Looks painful.

I KNOW this has been covered, somewhere, but I can’t locate it.

I’ve done the armature thing, with controller bones and IKO bones and stuff, and when I use the controller bone to bend the arm, it bends in the opposite direction.

I’m GUESSING then, that I must have created the armature from an odd angle or who knows what. Is there some place where I can tell the joints to bend in X direction, and to stop at Y, etc?

15 views and nobody has a clue? Surely this is a remedial issue.

welcome to rigging.

some hints:

  • make your arms armature from TOP view, with elbows slightly bent back
  • use IKtarget-constraint for hand bone and Locktrack-constraint for upper-arm bone to gain control over your arms

check this out (download link available there):

this is a almost complete rig, you’re welcome to “reverse-engineer” it to figure out how it works :slight_smile:


I’m starting all over - I don’t know at what point I assembled this thing in reverse - maybe when I was mirroring it - who knows…