arms not moving with body

So i rigged up a creature using arms and legs from rigify, and it all seems to be working really well except that the arms don’t move with the body.

Here is the blend file. alien_bones_only.blend (1.79 MB)

Thanks for the help!

Thank you for posting the rig - this makes our life much easier!

You seem to have a number of concentric bones in this particular part of the rig, I do not understand why this is, however.

If you try to select bones at the base of one of the chains that is not moving, you will see these:

MCH-upper_arm.stretch.ik.L - parented to root

ORG-upper_arm.L - parented to root

MCH-upper_arm.nostr.ik.L - parented to root

MCH-upper_arm.ik.L - parented to root - parented to root

DEF-upper_arm.01.L - parented to DEF-chest

upper_arm_hose_end.L - parented to MCH-upper_arm_hose_end_p.L (spread across 7 layers)

There-in lies the problem I think in that there are so many bones parented to root, which will only move with root, rather than move if the chest bone(s) chest, Def-chest and ORG-chest move independently of root. The bone “chest” is the only one of those three that I can rotate.

I do not understand why there are so many bones in this part of the rig - can you please explain.

Maybe all the bones in this area that are parented to root should be parented to a chest bone instead.

Cheers, Clock.

Ah, I forgot to check the bones in the other layers. Thanks for the help! I got it working!

concentric bones?

For the rig I used mainly the rigify bones, so those are all the bones created with the rigify arms.

(This is what those bones are used for)

OK - glad you got it working, I have never seen that many bones in an arm before, maybe I did not look closely enough at my own Rigify rigs…

Cheers, Clock.