Arnold for Blender?

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Happy Holidays. My name is Matt and I am a 3D and VFX Artist/Independent Contractor based out of SF California. So you know I am legit, here is a link to my website

Blender is a very important part of my production workflow; but currently, if I need to render anything using the Arnold Render Engine, I need to jump through a few hoops and import the project into Houdini.
I’m looking to improve my efficiency and see if there is a way to incorporate Arnold into Blender directly.
I’ve been following Tyler Furby’s posts on GitHub but for the life of me, I cannot get it to work.
I don’t code or script or anything like that. So, if there is a person out there who can finish this process with me and insure I get Arnold working in Blender on my system, I’d be willing to pay to improve my workflow and efficiency. I’m open to realistic quotes.

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that add-on seems outdated, probably you should talk to the developer of the addon instead…

Don’t be scammed or throw good money away. That github version is dead. BArnold is releasing on 31st Dec.(supposedly, as the dev seems a bit flaky and continually pushes the release and hasn’t showed any progress or evidence that this is a working product)

Also, even if this is actually real, you would need an additional licence node to run it. I doubt that you can use your existing Houdini licence?

You should go to the discord from the github page and see what you think yourself.


also please dont get in contact with the bots of above my other comment…