Around what point rotates the scene?

I don’t understand either around what point rotates the scene, or how to change that point.
I know we can “lock to cursor” but that’s my only alternative for the moment.
Is there a way to choose around what point the perspective view rotates when pushing wheel of mouse?

In the 3D View header you can change the pivot point here:

Also, I find it convenient to set the Interface option below in the User Preferences:

Remember to save to your startup file with Ctrl+U :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, and to save the User Preferences click the Save User Settings button at the bottom of the window – I have to remind myself that now the startup configuration and the user prefs are kept separately (which I didn’t like at first but now really appreciate… thanks devs!)

what is inside the user preferences and in the start up file ?

user pref is with Ctrl-U
where is the start up ones ?


Ricky, startup file is saved with Ctrl+U.
User prefs saved with button in User Prefs window.

Rummaging about in my Users directory (on Windows 7) I see there is a startup.blend and a userpref.blend in C:\Users<my-user-name>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.67\config, so I assume this is where Blender saves the startup & prefs info.

ok is there a description for what each of these contains

in them in startup file ect…


thanks a lot Sabba that’s a great progress for me my blender experience is improved.

@Raphael, you’re most welcome.

@Ricky, I donno the specific answers to what is saved where, but I assume that the intent is to save stuff from the Preferences window in the prefs file whereas your screen layouts & stuff like that would go into the startup file. Perhaps someone closer to Blender development can help you.

in my comprehension the startup file is like a scene that is opened when one wants to start over. whereas the preference file is like a configuration list of parameter.