Arquitectos archviz

Actually I know the scene and was wondering how you where able to do that, as .3ds has a limit of 65565 faces per object, which the scene exceeds on most of the objects with its what? 4mio polys…

I also wonder, as alexma. A well known limit. And textures named with less than 8 digits I suppose?


The trees are not from the original scene.
Without it the scene is perfectly capable.
They are adapted from a tree modelled by andrew price.
I did not exported the textures path, just the uvmaps, wich is much more time consumingg.
After that, I just inserted a texture path for each texture and mapped to the previous uv map.

Ah, now I see what you did there :smiley:

I was assuming the lower image was the original by Cole and the one above your scene.
Comparing them now with the original I realize those are completely different trees :smiley:

Here we go with the original if anyone else’s intrested:

Well, to be blunt as I am usually, I got to say your plain render without compositing looks awesome, while the composited image looks absolutely horrible. I know you tried to achive the purple-ish sunset mood the original had, but the tone along with the blur simply destroys the image.
I like the plain one, it looks just like it would look at a clear evening.

Personally I find Cole’s original much too warm with the red sunset. The scene obviously is in autumn (brown leaves, bare trees, dry grass) and I think the scene should transport the cold mood of an autumn eve.

Your scene could just have a few bushes to cache the flat meadow, but no flowers. Flowers make no sense in autumn. :wink:

Thanks arexma.

On the yafaray forum you can find tests about cycles on this scene.
Very interesting results by the way.

Hi, Just to let veryone know that alain made some very nice results on this scene with cycles.
You can read them on the yafaray forum.

I’m afraid that Cycles already provides at least the same results s Yaf(a)ray when it comes to exteriors. Moreover the number of features in Cycles are alerady larger (nnedles to say render passes will come in a moment) and there’s simply no comparison when it comes to render speed.

This could be interesting:

I finished this today:

I have to admit that 12 hours of Rendering (resolution 1750x1250 px) was a bit frustrating because it’s stil noisy after running through Hotpixel-Removal-Software.
Maybe Yafaray would do the job better and faster on my hardware ?

Kind regards

What’s your hardware specs ? I’m sure the long render time comes from your settings ! Show them us
>> Ooops sorry, I’ve not seen specs on pic and I thought that was about Yafa :spin::eek:

I can share the Scene if it helps to optimize the settings.

Kind regards

A really fantastic job, arqitectos. Beautiful.

I’ve been playing with Cycles but haven’t been able to get great-looking results (although in large part it’s probably due to my inexperience). I am going to give Yaf(a)ray a shot.

Thanks for your comments guys.
Alain, Thanks for sharing your example.
That’s also my experience with cycles.
If you have a good gpu cycles is very fast, but its becomes very very slow to get rid of all the noise.
Yafaray in that sense (noise free images) is more apropriate for professional use.
Cycles times are good for amateurs with fine gpu hardware that have time to spare.
But noise free images on schedule is a must for archviz.

That’s why I invite everyone to play with yafaray.:wink:

I agree with you, YafaRay is a wonderful result, I only use it
I still do not know how to use cycles =/

Instances are partially supported at the moment pending a code fix:-

You can use Gabich’s grass patch with particles as an object visualisation.

I know, but it’s a Beta and I read about some annoying bugs in 0.1.2.
And I don’t know if 0.1.2 is still slower than 0.1.1

Kind regards

Common Alain, :wink: intancing works really well with objects for yafaray 0.1.1 and 0.1.2! :slight_smile:

Also, some people said that yafaray 0.1.2 is slower than 0.1.1. That is simply not true.
Yafaray 0.1.2 needs less samples therefore if you apply the same settings of the 0.1.1 you will have longer times. But if you reduce samples you will have even better perfomance.

I will definetly recomend using 0.1.2.
It’s becoming very, very stable and you can have a bunch of new features like playing with caustic photons, ies lights, new features on materials, new rendering algos, etc…

OK, I’ll give it another try :smiley:
But I guess I need some tips of you then :slight_smile:

Kind regards

More than a year ago I did this test:

So please tell which “Samples” you mean ? Pathtracing Samples ?

I’m just testing with this build:

But it crashes after a few secondes of rendering… Cycles never crashed…

I’m getting already bored about Yafaray again, so please tell me what to do to keep my interest :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Alain, a lot of code has changed in a year. You will have to make a new scene or convert that one. Append the objects, preferably individually and redo the render settings.

Try rendering a complex 2.49 file with 2.61; do you think it will look the same ?

Seriously, you talk like you harbour some kind of prejudice. If you are not prepared to work with the software, it is probably better you don’t use it.

As I said above:-