Arquitecture softwares whose documents can be imported in Blender

Hello I am a noob. I use to work on a PC with AutoCad 2 and 3D, and a little bit of 3D Studio. Now I have a Mac, i am doing tutorials Noob to Pro. I would like to know which software could generate arquitectural plan in 2d, that could be imported in Blender. (Vectors Works, ArchiCad?)
Thanks for helping

Well, I’m newbie too and I likely know what U mean. Maybe U can try some well known multiplatform freeware like Qcad, and it just happened to be limited for 2D designing only. Just try it recently but I’ve seen some great projects made after it. If U look on the internet U may find some good software too. Architecture always get some place on 3D modelliing but not always get a good support, especially with the exporting formats. Sorry for the bad english.

Most CAD softwares should have AI and dxf support which is also supported by blender. For Mac, I’m not really sure what CAD softwares available on it.

i use sketchup… the blender importer works nice…

I’m sory, some friend told me that Qcad is propietary (not freeware as I mentioned before). But the sites have provided the source for the community edition and licensed as GPL. U can compile on any Unix machine. I’m using Ubuntu Linux and Qcad is already packaged from the repositories. U can still use the Professional Edition Demo and buy it if U happy with it.

Allplan does it quite well. In fact, I change 2d lines into 3d lines and export in .3ds I didn’t manage to import 2d sketches through DXF from Autocad, Allplan and Archicad. So I use Allplan to convert all my sketches into 3d lines.

I have launched a wiki about Blender and Architecture. I try to get all ways to import to Blender from architecture softwares. Please visit :

I have made a tutorial to import DXF’s via SVG & get it to a useable state…

i already downloaded the demo Qcad, but what i understand from your answers is that it is quite difficult import 2d file to Blender. Sketchup has a free version that work for Mac. i download it today and it seems OK, easy and free, and with possibility to upgrade the professional version later!
Thanks for the answers!